Tennessee Bed Bug Control

July 2nd, 2010

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — A Rutherford County homeowner who travels a lot said he brought something home from a trip a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t a souvenir.

“I’m pretty sure one of two places in Georgia or Alabama,” said the man, who didn’t want to be identified. “I saw one on the pillow. I didn’t know what they were.”It turns out his bed was crawling with bed bugs. He thinks the bugs hitch-hiked a ride from a hotel he recently visited. He said he tried just about every bug spray possible to try to get rid of the problem.There were hundreds of bed bugs in his home. The homeowner used a vacuum to suction them up. They wouldn’t go away, so he called “The Bug Man.”Two years ago, Dan Cassidy was only getting one to two bed bug calls a year.”We are now getting about two or three calls per week now (with) questions about bed bugs with people who think they have an infestation,” said Cassidy of The Bug Man, a pest control business.Cassidy said the telltale signs of bed bugs are blood smears on a mattress or box spring. The bugs stay alive and multiply by sucking blood.”At night, when you are sleeping, they actually crawl on you, bite you and suck your blood. That’s how they produce offspring,” Cassidy said.Bed bugs are showing up in homes in across Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee, and it’s becoming a nationwide problem, according to the National Pest Management Association. It said that bed bug infestations have increased 71 percent since 2001.”I wished I had known that, and I would have found them a lot sooner, probably,” the homeowner said.Officials with the Tennessee Department of Health said bed bugs are not a reportable condition. They said they realize the pests are a potential health issue, but it’s something they don’t track.Go to to find out more about bed bugs.

Tennessee Bed Bug Control

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