Nashville Bedbug Control

September 14th, 2010

Check out the article below it’s on bedbugs and is from WSMV-TV. Enjoy!

Nashville Faces Looming Bed Bug Problem

Reported by Alan Frio

Bed bug complaints have more than doubled at Metro Public Health in just one year.Larry Cole is head of Metro Nashville’s Pest Management Department. As he looked over the complaint log Tuesday night, one thing stood out: there is a bed bug problem in Nashville.Since early August, Public Health officials have received 21 complaints. Cole said several years ago, there would have been one or two complaints for the year.”It’s getting to be pretty bad,” said Cole.Health inspectors are dispatched to a home or apartment after a complaint is received. Cole said they see firsthand the problems bed bugs can cause.”We’ve seen people bitten 300 times or more from bed bugs in a single night. People with babies in the house have been bitten numerous times,” said Cole.Melissa Dooley just moved in to her South Nashville apartment and soon discovered there was a bed bug problem.”You just wake up with bites. It’s really invasive. It’s dirty,” she said.Dooley’s apartment manager has since sprayed her unit. However, Metro Health officials said it could take a professional pest control company many months to either bring bed bugs under control or eradicate them.Metro Health officials told Channel 4 News they will assemble a panel of experts in September to find ways to keep the bed bug problem at bay.While health officials recommend a professional pest control company, they also said heat is a big enemy of the bed bug.”If you directly expose them to heat for a long time from a blow dryer, that will kill them. And wash your clothes at a high temperature. Also, put them in the dryer for a long period of time,” said Metro Health toxicologist Sanmi Areola.

Nashville Bedbug Control

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  1. Maddy says:

    One of my family members uses this patch to stop bedbugs from biting you. It’s called ‘The BedBug Patch’ I believe. What do you think?

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