bedbug complaints double in Nashville

September 17th, 2010

Bed Bug Complaints Double, Says Health Dept.

Complaints about bed bugs have more than doubled in the last year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says many cities are on the threshold of a bed bug pandemic.Davidson County has had 59 documented complaints about bed bugs this year: 15 houses, 16 motels and hotels and 28 apartment buildings.”They hid in crevices. You have to really search for them,” said Dr. Bill Paul.Michael Wall has been staying at Stadium Inn downtown for the past month.”I got a lot of bites up on the top part of my legs and stuff,” said Wall. “I’d been noticing that I’ve been waking up in my sleep scratching and itching.”He said he isn’t sure what’s been attacking him at night. According to the Metro Health Department, there have been four complaints since January about bed bugs at Stadium Inn. Inspectors actually found bugs once.”We check (for) bed bugs every day, every room to see if we can find a bed bug,” said Bill Shields, general manager of Stadium Inn. “Anytime we do find a bed bug, if there is one, we have to automatically condemn and spray.”The Hallmark Inn off Trinity Lane also had four complaints, and inspectors found bugs twice there. A manager said they immediately called the exterminator and sprayed the rooms.The Courtyard Marriott near Vanderbilt had a complaint of bed bugs in March. When health inspectors showed up to inspect four rooms, the hotel had already blocked the rooms, thrown away linens and called exterminators.”Hotels take it very serious and address it right away,” said Paul.Next week, a number of experts from Tennessee as well as other states will be meeting to discuss the best way to handle bed bugs.

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