Bedbugs found again at Wake Forest University

August 16th, 2011

Bedbugs found again at Wake Forest University

By: BERTRAND M. GUTIERREZ | Winston-Salem Journal

More bedbugs have been found in Winston-Salem — this time at Wake Forest University.

A university spokeswoman said last week that the university used a canine search team to check residential space on campus before students arrive for the fall semester.

“The canine teams did find evidence of bedbugs in a very small number of rooms, about 2 percent, and the rooms have been treated using a high-heat treatment that is considered by pest-control experts to be 100 percent effective,” spokeswoman Cheryl Walker said in an email.

There are about 1,700 rooms. A double room costs $3,775 per semester, she said.

The canine inspections began July 5. As attendees of summer camps and conferences began moving out of university facilities, crews began inspections and began treating the rooms, Walker said.

“University officials are confident that residence halls will be free of bedbugs when students arrive on campus.”

This isn’t the first time that bedbugs have made their way to Wake Forest University.

Bedbugs were detected last August in residence halls after students had arrived. About 15 students were affected, school officials said last year.

Heat treatment also was used to exterminate the bugs at that time. Pest-control experts say that turning the heat up to at least 120 degrees for a significant amount of time is effective in dealing with the problem.

In the past few weeks, the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem has also been dealing with the problem at Crystal Towers in downtown Winston-Salem.

Of Crystal Towers’ 201 units, 90 are being treated for bedbugs, officials said.

Exterminators were using heat treatment on the apartment building.

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