Mosquitoes Have Spraying Companies Taking Different Approach

April 9th, 2012 (Wilmington, NC): Mosquitoes Have Spraying Companies Taking Different Approach

WILMINGTON, NC – The streak of recent warm weather in the area has many in good moods – but it could become troublesome sooner rather than later.

The weather signals that it’s about that time for mosquitoes to start buzzing around the area, and a mild winter means more are on the way.

But now, there’s more paperwork involved when companies want to spray for mosquitoes. It’s not necessarily slowing down the spraying process, but it has some companies changing their approach.

Since spraying for mosquitoes is technically polluting, according to the EPA, companies like Cape Fear Mosquito Control are doing things a little differently.

“We target the areas around your house that your kids will be playing in, and nature is nature, and you can never kill all the bugs,” said Ben Phillips.

Some people worry about the spray because of their organic vegetable garden or bee hives. When local governments, like New Hanover County, spray, they send that mist into the air.

The spray used in those trucks is less than 1 fluid ounce per acre, according to David Jenkins with the county’s Vector Control Service. That includes less than 1 gram of permethrin, the active ingredient, per acre.

Even though the spray solution is registered with the EPA, and government Vector Control Services have earned the newly created National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit, some people still prefer to opt out of the service.

That could leave neighbors unprotected, which is where companies like Cape Fear Mosquito can use their direct approach.

“We never hit a flowering bush,” said Phillips. “We don’t want to endanger the butterflies or the honeybee population.”

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