Tiny bloodsuckers draining life from budgets

September 17th, 2012

Tiny bloodsuckers draining life from budgets


Prevention tips

When visiting a hotel, leave your luggage and personal items in the car or outside the room while you inspect for bed bugs.
Never put luggage or clothing on a bed or on the floor.
Use a flashlight during your inspection.
First, pull off the covers, sheets and mattress pads, then look all the way around the bottom of the box springs, especially the seams and corners. Pull the mattress down about 2 feet from the head of the board so you can examine below it. If you’re able, stand on the box springs to remove the headboard from the wall and look behind it.
In addition to the bed bugs themselves, which are about the size of apple seeds and similar in color, you’ll be looking for black specks which are dried blood excreted as fecal matter by bed bugs.
If you see red, raised spots on your body, they might be bed bug bites. But only half of the population reacts that way, so you could be bitten without having a reaction.
Keep clothing worn during a hotel stay in a plastic bag during the return trip home. When you get home, put any washable clothes in a clothes dryer and run it on high to kill any bed bugs that might have hitched a ride.
Be aware of where your furniture comes from. Don’t pick up discarded couches, chairs, mattresses or other household items you see discarded along the road.
If you suspect you have bed bugs, get a good, reliable and knowledgeable pest control company to confirm your suspicions through inspection. Before hiring a company, research its reliability and success rate. Success equals zero bed bugs, or 100 percent eradication. Make sure the company has a good warranty, too.

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