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September 22nd, 2014

Bug Busters has been in business since October 1984 and has been named by Pest Control Technology Media Group as one of the “Top 100 Companies in Nation.” Bug Busters uses a technique called Thermal Remediation which is the uses heat to eradicate bed bugs and other house hold insects. Bug Busters USA uses high quality equipment manufactured by TEMP-AIR to treat infestations. With equipment designed specifically for the application of heat to kill bed bugs, our highly effective process relies on three main keys to a successful treatment:

Thermal Remediation1. Apply Heat. Electric bed bug heaters are placed within the space; introducing and recirculating heated air with a target temperature not to exceed 135°F for the controlled application of heat.

2. Monitor. Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents.

3. Move Air. High temperature fans move heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation zones.

Bed bugs are a serious problem and are rapidly becoming an epidemic in the United States. Bed bugs love hotels or houses regardless of how expensive they are. Cruise ships, college dormitories, or homeless shelters can, and have, had these pests! Bed bugs feed on blood while their hosts sleep and hitchhike from place to place on luggage, clothes, furniture and other mobile items. These parasites are brown to red in color and can range to barely visible to about an eighth or tenth of the size of a penny.

Bug Busters USA Bed Bugs Bug Busters USA Bed Bugs


In addition to our state-of-the-art Thermal remediation treatment for bed bugs; Bug Busters USA is also glad to offer conventional treatments utilizing the most current training and skill of our pest management professionals and the best materials available to eradicate bed bugs in a thorough multi-visit program designed to eradicate bed bugs effectively.

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