‘Kissing Bug’ Implants Deadly Disease into 300k Americans

January 8th, 2015

Normally, we love being shown affection, and enjoy when we’re being hugged or kissed. But most people wouldn’t want to be kissed by an insect that would infect you with a deadly disease. But the United States is currently being slowly overtaken by a vicious disease that could go unnoticed in humans for up to two decades – Chagas.

Kissing Bug feces are known to contain Chagas, a disease which causes organs to fail. Most Kissing Bugs feast upon human blood, and their method of eating is to bite a victim, ingest the blood, and then defecate on top of the wound. People then scratch at the tiny opening, causing the infectious disease within the feces to be pushed into their bloodstream. Chagas is known to be a ‘silent killer’, because it can lurk undetected in people’s bloodstreams for up to 20 years, before eventually causing the body to fail.

Originally Chagas was contained in South America. However, many scientists believe that it has migrated to the U.S. along with immigrants, many of which don’t have health insurance. This is a serious hazard because people may not go to a doctor in order to ensure that their body is safe. Newborn babies can even be in danger because infected blood may enter their bodies during childbirth. The scariest fact about this disease is that even though it’s been noticed and confirmed to be deadly, we don’t have a cure for it yet.

What are we going to do as this fatal disease continues to take more of our family and friends?


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