The Original Blood Sucking Night Crawlers

May 26th, 2015

The Original Blood Sucking Night Crawlers

They were once simple cave-dwellers but have adapted, and now travel internationally.  Theirs is the original cave-man diet, because these bugs crawled, and fed, on our earliest ancestors.

This was before beds.

In fact, the bedbug lives exclusively on blood, which makes it a highly adaptable creature.  Among all the bugs that live in proximity to humans, they are some of the most pernicious and intimate.  Although reactions vary between individuals – some of us develop large welts and swelling – the infestation of the bedbug is hard to overcome, and they are more common than ever.


Bedbugs have increased their range and numbers for a few reasons.  First, they are wonderful hitchhikers and have learned to travel all over the world.  From their humble beginnings sleeping with our primitive forbearers on dirt, they now inhabit every type of home that exists.  They are particularly hard to kill in apartment complexes, as they travel easily from one unit to the next.

If you have an infestation, says science writer and bedbug expert Brooke Borel, remain calm.  The victim of three infestations, she lays out the steps to remove the bugs from your life.  First, wash and launder all sheets, drying at a high temperature (bedbugs detest heat); next, clean up your place to prepare for the professional; finally, get the exterminator in – and it may take several treatments.  Ms. Borel is also the create of BedBug University, a site devoted to educating the public.

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