Spiders and Mosquitoes: Humane Treatment Methods

June 16th, 2015

Spiders and Mosquitoes:  Humane Treatment Methods

Two types of creatures that “bug” people the most are spiders, who are almost universally feared, and mosquitoes, who are generally despised.  Fortunately, if you are soft-hearted or simply trying to support a healthy ecosystem, you can prevent and avoid these bugs without committing murderous acts.

For mosquitoes, your best bet is to use a deterrent. A number of all natural varieties will discourage them, although they are not as effective as the harsher chemicals like DEET-based sprays.  Experiment and find the type that works best.  Some people report that eating garlic can be effective.  As for sprays, citronella and lemongrass, as well as mint and catnip, are all effective repellants.

Besides using all-natural bodily repellants, be sure to mosquito-proof your yard by removing any source of standing water.  They can lay their eggs in tiny amounts of water, so do an inspection every week to find possible sources.

Spiders are a completely different story, as they have beneficial purposes by eating other bugs.  Also, they are generally harmless unless you face a brown recluse or black widow.  To prevent spiders, get rid of boxes lying around in dark spaces (your shed, garage, or attic) – instead, sealed plastic containers for storage.  As with most insects, spiders can be repelled using lemon or peppermint, so a smart measure is to concoct a spray with both.

The simplest way to remove spiders is the old-fashioned approach:  get a mason jar, trap them, and take them away from your yard.

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