Secret Weapon in Pest Control

June 18th, 2015

Secret Weapon in Pest Control

One pest control company has found the ultimate bed bug fighting machine.  His name is Dillon, and he’s a hound who’s been rehabilitated, let out of the pen, and now has a full-time job.

Bed bugs don’t carry disease like mosquitoes or cockroaches, but do create a lot of pain and heartache for victims.  Mainly, they are hard to spot and can be difficult to eradicate.  Once they’ve found a home – the human body – they don’t want to leave.  They mostly resemble ticks in preying on human blood, but fortunately only leave behind welts and a creepy feeling of, well, having your blood sucked

Dogs far surpass humans in finding bed bugs.  The little critters are visible to the naked eye, but dogs tend to locate them 85 to 97% of the time, whereas we are only successful about a third of the time.  Dillon seems to be performing on the upper end of the spectrum, as he gets high marks from his human handler, Ike Webb.

“Dillon’s a rock star, “ says Webb. Once Dillon’s found the pests, Webb goes to work using portable heaters to kill the bugs.

A black Labrador retriever, two-year old Dillon was rescued from a nearby animal shelter a little over six months ago and given to a trainer until March.  He’s learned to associate the reward of a tennis ball and some kind words (“good boy”) with successfully finding bed bugs.

Dillon’s life is all work and no play, though.  He’s trained that way, and distractions would make him less dogged in his pursuit of bugs. “He can’t be like a regular dog,” says handler Webb, “He can’t go to dog parks or be around kids. He can’t have anything be more fun than his job, because otherwise he’ll lose interest.”

So far, after only a few jobs, Dillon has proven to be a valuable pest control professional.

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