Crops Benefit From New Spray

June 25th, 2015

Crops Benefit From New Spray

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are a part of farming life today to control bugs on the scale necessary to produce our food crops. Plants need protection from critters of all kinds, but especially from insect life.

A new type of spray application is helping farmers in the two areas most needed for getting insecticides where they need to be: efficiency of application, and effectiveness of product.

One reason spray pesticides don’t work optimally is lack of proper application.  The improved delivery method, known as the AIM Command spray system, can be used with all Case IH Patriot sprayers.

Chemical bug control does not work well if under or over application occurs.   Although putting too much in the ground or on plants will kill pests, it creates other problems.  Herbicide or insecticide that is over applied wastes money and can lead to injury of the plants.

Under application means the product won’t perform well, and this situation can occur easily with missed areas or improper droplet size.

A number of factors make inconsistent spray application a real problem for farmers who spray.  For example, rolling terrain and obstacles can easily create poor consistency of spray.

The new system is designed to take terrain and speed into account, creating constant pressure depending on the environment.  The system uses a computer to monitor and adjust the sprayer’s control pump.  This means that the AIM Command will function independently of ground speed or application rate.

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