How To Train Your Giant Rat

July 31st, 2015

How To Train Your Giant Rat

Giant rats aren’t necessarily any smarter than normal rats, but they look much cooler in dog harnesses and seem to strut a little more confidently on a leash.  Whether you own an exotic breed or just a garden-variety rodent, training is a good idea.

Your rat will open its beady rodent eyes at four weeks, and at that point they are ready to be socialized.  They will begin to explore the world around them and bond with you.

Use a clicker – like you would with a dog – to get the rat used to the earning food rewards.  You want them to associate the clicker with a reward.

Keep using the clicker to reward the rat behavior that you want  You can train them for a variety of tasks, because truly are very clever mammals.  Unlike dogs, they aren’t bred to be fully focused on humans, but they can be trained to sniff out almost anything.  When your rat shows any sign that it is doing what you want, reward with click and then food.

Narrow down the activities you want your rat to engage in by using the clicker for more specific tasks.  Start small with goals, and give your rat plenty of reinforcement.

Test your rat’s performance by trying the same task in a different – or more challenging – environment.  This allows the rat to generalize its activities.

Any domestic rat is capable of great feats, and owners report a lot more interaction, and entertainment, with a trained rat.

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