The 5 Stages Of A Bed Bug Infestation

August 24th, 2015

The 5 Stages Of A Bed Bug Infestation

A bed bug infestation has become one of the most dreaded, and yet increasingly more common occurrences to ever plague a hapless home owner. And this summer, the open invitation for the insidious creatures to breed even more insanely couldn’t be any warmer.

In this hot mating season, be aware and remain vigilant, as we give you the lowdown on the 5 stages of a bed bug infestation:

  1. Itching.

Bed bugs tend to bite in clusters, so if you notice a cluster of red, itchy spots, usually around your neck, legs, back or arms, chances are you could have a bed bug under your sheets.

  1. Inspection.

It’s always better to intervene before a few bed bugs turn into an all out infestation, so start your checkup early. Bed bugs usually leave spots of blood feces behind, so if you discover some unexplained clusters of dark spots on your sheets, chances are, that’s a bedbug’s excrement.

  1. Finding the actual culprits.

Bed bugs tend to hide in corners, seams, under wooden panels or edges, and other difficult to reach areas. Be vigilant. Carry a flashlight and magnifying glass if you have to. Once you spot them for real, then it’s time to take action.


  1. Who you gonna call?

As soon as you’ve established that there are indeed bed bugs in your property, don’t leave anything else to chance and call your pest exterminator right away. A bed bug infestation is not a situation you can DIY. If you engage in ineffective measures, you might end up having to discard more furniture, sheets, and carpeting than you intended at first, and thus end up spending even more. It defeats the purpose of DIY. So just make things easier for you and your exterminator and just call the expert.

  1. Peace.

The bugs have been effectively cleaned out, finally, by your pest exterminators. Time to lay back down on the futon and get your much-needed peaceful shut eye. Is that a bed bug crawling behind your neck? No, it’s just the feeling of great satisfaction. Now get back to sleep.


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