More than organic

September 7th, 2015

More than organic

After purchasing beautiful, fresh and organic grapes from a local super market chain, one woman got a surprise that was not of the best kind. Thankfully for her son’s quick reaction, no one was harmed by the surprise.

So what was in the grapes? A black widow spider. As her son prepared his breakfast the day after she purchased them, he opened the bag of grapes only to find the very distinguishable black widow. The black and red pattern on the spider was a dead giveaway but he jumped right on google to confirm the find.

She quickly wrapped up the grapes, spider still attached, and quadruple bagged them and rushed back to the store where they were purchased.

The produce originally came from California, and the produce supplier offered the woman a gift card for her trouble. Black widows are a common find in the desert of California, and this one traveled a long way to be part of the grapes. They particularly like grapes because they can hide in the relief of the shade, grapes attract other bugs and the humidity all adds up to the perfect breeding ground.  The woman turned down the gift card because she felt she should receive a higher dollar amount due to what could have happened. Unfortunately, that is not how the law works, and she could not sue for what could have happened.

For more information on black widow spiders click here

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