Stinger On Fire

September 11th, 2015

Stinger On Fire

Most people don’t think there are serious health risks from ants. There is one to be noted though, the Red Imported Fire An. It found it’s home in the Unites States after stowing away on cargo ships from South America in the 1930’s. They were found in Alabama and today live in at least 14 southern states. Due to the lack of predators the ants have thrived over the years. You can find them in nests that look like a mound of dirt. Don’t be fooled though. There can be up to 250,000 of these stingers and biters within. The Fire Ant is able to sting you multiple times and if you are surrounded, you will certain feel the sting. They hold onto their victim with their jaws and sting as desired. Because they hold on so tightly you may actually have to pluck them off of you if you are unlucky enough to have this encounter. The burning sensation of the sting makes the name of these stingers understandable. Usually red welts happen within 20 minutes accompanied by itching. If you are severely allergic, the welts and itching may affect the entire extremity. Nausea, difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock can occur within minutes. Generally, Fire Ant stings can be taken care of with soap and water. Clean the area gently and do not try to break or ‘pop’ the blister. If you find Fire Ant nests anywhere around or on your property please contact a professional to help you eliminate these firey crawlers.

For more information on the Red Imported Fire Ant and Fire Ant please click here

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