Your newest food ingredient

September 30th, 2015

Your newest food ingredient

By now I’m sure you have heard all the rage about using bugs for food. From cricket flour to caterpillar sushi, the news of the benefits of consuming bugs is taking the nation. But now, a new source of food by insect is bubbling up.

Insect oil is looking to replace olive oil. Yes, you read that correctly. Insect oil, extracted from frozen, ground and then powered insects. Researchers have set up to find out which of the insects produces the best result for cooking oil. They tried to measure the difference between mealworms, crickets and cockroaches. EW!

Their results showed that crickets are the most difficult to extract the oil from but are probable to be the easiest to market for sale. Even the researchers were grossed out when extracting oil from the cockroaches. They stated the oil was the most repulsive and smelled like vomit. They also deemed this oil would not be suitable for food but perhaps paint or lubricants. Mealworms provided an edible oil and may be the only way the general public could ever be convinced to consume them.

Over all, the research shows that crickets in particular have the potential to change the way we think about ingesting bugs. From ground into flour and covered in chocolate as a desert to cooking in cricket oil, there’s no arguing with the beneficial nutrients found in crickets.

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