How did they miss it?

October 7th, 2015

How did they miss it?

A senior’s residence is under fire by CBS reporters after failing to realize their facility was completely infested with bed bugs.  They not only didn’t realize there was an issue, the infestation went on for months before it was addressed.

One family noticed the bugs around the residence, but not in their particular home unit. Knowing about how quickly they can over take a community living environment, the family knew it was only a matter of time before the critters were sharing their home as well. After months of asking about the issue, the manager of the residence finally called for an inspection of the property. By the time they got around to addressing the issue 28 of 133 were infested with bed bugs. The manager claimed no one called them.

Bed bugs can go undetected because they hide until the lights go out. They make their feast out of your body while you sleep and their bites are fairly painless so they won’t wake you. They reproduce at a very high rate and will hitchhike their way from until to unit until a situation like this one occurs. The best thing to do of course is to call a professional at the first sight of a bed bug. They will be able to not only stop the issue in your home, but prevent future spreading of bed bugs.

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