We don’t REALLY need them do we?

October 12th, 2015

We don’t REALLY need them do we?

Ants are really an important link to the environmental lifeline. As much as we all would like to kill the entire ant population worldwide, that simply would be impossible.  The fact is that we actually live in their world and they will outlive the human species. All that we can do is try to moderate the populations and try to keep them out of our living spaces. How do we do that?

Ants do like moisture, so they will automatically go to the moist soil. We all know that not watering our plants isn’t a valid option, so instead, here are a few tips to try. Boric acid ant bait is a great tool to use to get to the queen of a colony. The worker ants will take it back and once the queen is dead, the colony will follow. A slower process can achieve the same goal by introducing a fermentation of naturally occurring soil bacteria.

Something to remember however is that once the queen is dead, there is no guarantee another queen won’t come along to take her place a few months down the road, so make sure you call the pest control professionals if you think you have an ant infestation.

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