Using a Fun-Guy to Control Pests

November 10th, 2015

Using a Fun-Guy to Control Pests

Scientists have come one step closer to using biological agents to control pests. Researchers have discover fungi that can survive without pest insects by remaining close to the roots of plants. This protects them from other organism and allows them to feed off of the substances from the plant. Researchers isolated these fungi from the roots plants to see if they would prove effective in killing pests. The study was a resounding success. The isolated fungi killed between 90 and 100 percent of the pests they were tested on. This means that these fungi could act as a new controlling agent for soil pests.

The next step researchers are taking is to continue testing the fungi on different soil pests to see how well they can kill them. The ultimate goal is to produce a workable product that people can place at the root of plants to kill soil insects. There are, however, a few questions that have popped up in regards to this possibility. Researchers still are not sure if the fungi will impede the growth of the plant due to overconsumption of the plant’s energy. Still, this could be a huge step forward in the pest control industry.

Did you know that certain fungi can be used to kill pests? Do you think this method will prove successful in the future?

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  1. Yes, pest controlling is strictly related to fungi and we have known that! 🙂
    Look at penicillin and whole group of atnibiotics in itself – they kill many families of bacteria. So why would other fungi not be effective when it comes to other forms of life? Let’s wait for the future – we believe that in fungi there is a great potential for fighting with many kinds of pests.

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