Honey-Loving Bear Is Back

November 13th, 2015

Honey-Loving Bear Is Back

The image of a bear hugging a honey pot, one paw dripping with nectar, is popular for a reason.  Bears love honey, almost as much as people do.  And that can be a problem when a bear finds a ready-made, free source of the stuff.

It’s a big problem for one beehive and the local black bear who is making honey-eating a regular habit.

The bear, making his home on the edge of field in Michigan City, Indiana, returned to consume ten pounds of honey, effectively gobbling down the entire honeycomb and killing bees in the process.

The beekeeper keeps his hive in a field adjacent to a blueberry patch that skirts the the Michigan state line.  He’s now decided to move the hive to keep bear and bee interactions to a minimum.

Pete Livas operates the beekeeping and honey making operations.

“Even though it’s nice to have him around, we need to protect our bees also,” said Livas, who supplies more than 20 thousand pounds every year to customers around the state.

Livas explained that bears prefer blueberries as a food source, but aren’t above eating the honey, mainly to get the honeycomb itself.  In the process, they often swallow quite a few bees.

Officials who arrived at the crime scene found all the beehive boxes scattered in the area. One of the hives was found about 40 feet away at the edge of a tree line where the beast had plunked down to enjoy a leisurely meal, raiding the box of both honey and bees.


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