Officials Working to Wipe Out Invasive Insects

November 17th, 2015

Officials Working to Wipe Out Invasive Insects

The Spotted Lanternfly is the newest bug on the radar that has agriculture officials worried. Russell Redding, Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary is working on getting this bug packing. At this time it has shown that is can live and survive in Pennsylvania’s agriculture.

In 2014, the Farm Bill allowed $2.8 million to be dedicated to Pennsylvania in order to protect the states agriculture industry from disease and pests. $1.5 million has been going towards the efforts of eradication of the Spotted Lanternfly. This insect in particular has posed a threat to land and home owners and the agriculture community.

Officials are concerned with the potential impact on the state’s grape, apple and stone fruit, which have a combined economic impact of $178 million. On top of that the Pine and Hardwood trees can also be affected, which accounts for $12 billion of the states sales.

Nearly 20,000 Lanternflys have already been terminated through egg scraping, however that alone will not solve the problem. The state is now working on installing bands around the bottom of trees.

The state is taking this very seriously and is already working with Kutztown University and Penn State University on research. So far the Lanternfly has not been spotted anywhere else within the U.S. and its Kevin Shea with the U.S.D.A intentions to keep it that way. The goal is to be known as the place where Spotted Laternflys were eradicated.

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