Lethal Lindane Used on Lice

November 23rd, 2015

Lethal Lindane Used on Lice

Have you ever had a bad case of lice? It can be a nightmare to treat, and is common among children. You might want to be careful what you use to treat it, though, as some rather shady chemicals are still on the market. A prescription drug for the treatment of lice called lindane has been found to cause cancer. While it has been banned in California, the rest of the nation is taking its time removing this dangerous product from our shelves. The World Health Organization’s International Agency on Cancer Research has listed it under the highest category, labeling it as “known to cause human cancer.” The drug acts on the nervous system and is absorbed through the scalp. What’s especially worrying it its continued use to treat head lice on children. There are many less-toxic alternatives that you can use to treat head lice, and officials are advising people to avoid the drug at all cost. If your doctor prescribes it to you, you might consider finding a new doctor, as this stuff is seriously toxic for humans.

Have you had to deal with head lice in the past? What did you use to treat it?

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