Tick Bait Box

November 25th, 2015

Tick Bait Box

Are ticks driving you mad? Do you want to find a safe alternative to pesticides for getting rid of ticks? Well the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may just have a novel idea for you. One method suggested by the CDC is the use of a “bait box” typically used for mice and other rodents. These are the critters that ticks catch Lyme disease from. Rather than killing the rodents, the boxes hold them and coat them in an insecticide that kills ticks, preventing the ticks that have caught Lyme disease from these critters from spreading it to humans.

The CDC found that using these bait boxes reduced tick populations anywhere from 77 to 90 percent. That’s quite a difference. Unfortunately, these boxes are a bit pricey and you can’t just find them in any supermarket. You can only buy them from licensed pest management companies and they’re a whopping $50 a box. It gets worse…one home needs 5 to 15 boxes. But if you’ve had to pay big medical bills due to tick-borne illnesses, the price might not seem so high.

Does your yard have a major tick infestation? Would you consider using these tick bait boxes?

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