Sleeping Tight Without a Bed Bug Bite

November 30th, 2015

Sleeping Tight Without a Bed Bug Bite

Parents worried about their children picking up “a bug” at school are usually concerned about infections likes the flu, not actual bugs.  A dramatic increase in the number of school related bed bug reports is changing that.

According the EPA, reports of bed bugs in U.S. schools (cimex lectulariust ) have quadrupled since 2009, fueling a rise in parental concern,  While bed bugs do not transmit disease, allowed to reproduce unchecked, they do present a risk of secondary infections due to multiple bites. Like most public health issues, however, an effective response to the appearance of bed bugs in your home or school is to, first, not panic, and second, to become educated concerning the facts and myths associated with these pesky blood suckers.

The EPA reports that the majority of incidents of bed bugs in schools are introductions rather than infestations, an introduction being defined as a very small number of bugs – as few as one— being discovered on a child’s clothing  or book sack. It is also important to understand that bed bugs need a fairly narrow set of factors to be in place in order to flourish and that pest control professionals are extremely good at preventing introductions from becoming infestations.

Bed bug infestations usually occur in areas where people sleep, because the bugs need to feed for several minutes at a time in order to develop. A moving target, like a child at school, just ruins the whole meal time experience. Without a reliable food source, bed bugs cannot grow into adulthood, and therefore, cannot reproduce.  Another key fact is that bed bugs do not discriminate based on income or hygiene. They appear in homeless shelters and five star hotels alike. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain these and other facts here: ,

Bed bug introductions are exactly that, a bug has been introduced to the school from someplace else, typically the home of a student or staff member. Therefore, the key to eliminating even the possibility of a school-based infestation is to ensure that homes and businesses are free of bed bugs. If you discover a single cimex lectulariust or even a few, don’t worry, you aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and find a thousand of them, and ridding yourself of the nuisance is as simple as contacting a pest control professional.

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