Do Spiders Really Crawl Into Our Mouth At Night?

December 1st, 2015

Do Spiders Really Crawl Into Our Mouth At Night?

Spiders have already been known to inhabit ear canals, so could it be true that they crawl into our mouths at night?

This question was posted onto BBC Earth Facebook page to hopefully help establish a clear answer.

Recluse spiders are mostly active at night and unfortunately can be bad enough to send people to the hospital. Most of these bites tend to be on the limb, hand or foot and occasionally bites to the face.

Sue Mazer has a friend who woke up “with a thousand pin sized bites all over her face as a result of an egg sac opening up at night above her bed”.

So it is only reasonable to assume that spiders occasionally find themselves inside the mouth of an unfortunate human. How often is this happening though?

Rumor has it that the average accidental, nocturnal consumption of spiders is eight per year. But how would we really know? The original stat came from Lisa Holst’s article on, however the irony in the article is the Holst’s made up this “fact” to demonstrate the gullibility of email recipients. The further irony is that no one has ever confirmed the existence of either Holst or the article she supposedly wrote.

Holst’s false “fact” has become one of the most widely circulated bits of misinformation on the Internet.

What do you think?

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