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December 9th, 2015

Half-Mile Long Spider Web?!

Residents in North Memphis, Tennessee woke up to an eerie surprise; a half-mile long spider web on the grass near their homes. Ahh! What would you think?

This unforeseen web just goes to show how little we truly know about our surroundings. The millions of spiders that made this web had probably been living alongside the locals before the web even appeared.

Memphis Zoo curator Steve Reichling said, “It’s a mass dispersal of the millions of tiny spiders that have always been in that field, unnoticed till now.”

This even is almost certainly a “ballooning event,” which refers to the moment when spiders, normally young ones, float away from their families using silk threads (which can be over a meter in length).  In order for an even like this to take place, “you need relatively calm air or a slight breeze- ballooning doesn’t happen often in wind,” Richard Bradley, an entomologist at Ohio State University says. The spiders most likely dispersed all at once due to favorable air currents and warm weather.

In order to better understand this event, you may recall Charlotte’s Web, where a similar ballooning even happened.

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