New Poison to Control Argentine Ant Population

December 15th, 2015

New Poison to Control Argentine Ant Population

Nelson Environment Centre (NEC) are working on a new method to control the spread of Argentine ants (2-3mm long with honey brown color) who have long been a stubborn pest to New Zealand homeowners. Dr. Kay Sneddon is making a new ant poison composed of a mixture of sugar and low levels of borax, similar to one used in the U.S. that has been successful.

This method could potentially create a more cost-effective control method than other current alternatives. Currently, some business charge up to $380 for a 600m section.

The Argentine ants are one of the world worst invasive ant species, on top of their ability to spread disease to people and plants. Controlling these ants at home will help prevent the infestation of conserved areas.

Nests can often be found on tents or camping equipment (from national parks) so it is important to have a positive impact on these areas.

In order to control Argentine ants (if you have them) space ant baits a few meters apart in your home and move them every other day.

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