Flying Red Palm Weevils

December 22nd, 2015

Flying Red Palm Weevils

Within a 24-hour time period, the red palm weevils are able to fly as far as 50 kilometers. The red palm weevil has been a known pest to coconut palms for a long time in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

In order to learn more about the flight patterns of the red palm weevils, scientists from California and Saudi Arabia captured 192 adult weevils to study their flight capabilities and predict their future dispersal.

  • 30% flew less than 1 kilometers within 24 hours
  • 40% flew more tan 10 kilometers within 24 hours
  • 20% flew more than 50 kilometers within 24 hours

Flight activity commenced around 5:00 am and peaked between 9:00 am- 11:00 am before tapering off.

Researchers believe that this information is useful for being able to quantifying basic attributes such as flight bout frequency and duration, distance flown, flight velocity, and flight periodicity.

This information can also help assist with the design and implementation of monitoring boundaries and assist with the development of containments and eradiation programs when new infestations are detected.

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