Bed Bugs at Covington IRS Office

December 23rd, 2015

Bed Bugs at Covington IRS Office

The bed bugs at the Covington IRS office have gotten so bad that some people were covering their seats with plastic bags, and in some cases people were quitting.

Kelly Anderson, quit after two days at her new job due to the bed bugs and states that, “it’s important to have a second income in our home, but it’s not worth the risk of bringing those home. So, I will not be returning back.”

The offices original protocol was to “squish [the bug with a piece of tape] and bring up to the guard to confirm that it is a bed bug.” However, people have recently stopped reporting the bed bugs because they cannot afford to take a week off from work for an exterminator, which the IRS doesn’t pay for.

The IRS stated that they would continue to monitor the situation and take further action as needed in order to be able to provide a healthy and safe workplace. Have you ever had bed bugs at your place of work? What did they do?

Here are some tips to help deal with bed bugs in your home:

  • Eliminate clutter
  • Fill cracks in your walls
  • Pull your bed away from the wall
  • If you do get bed bugs, get ahold of a licensed, professional pest control company. Avoid home remedies, they will likely waste your time and money, and possibly damage your belongings.

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