2024 Sentricon Service Agreement

  1. SERVICE COMMITMENT During the term of the agreement, Bug Busters, Inc. will:
    • Install the Bug Busters, Inc. Termite Baiting System
    • Inspect the System
    • Add termite bait to, and remove it from, the Bug Busters, Inc. System as appropriate. Control is anticipated to occur within 6 to 24 months from commencement of the program, depending on geographical location, weather and/or other factors. During this period before control is achieved new damage from subterranean termite infestation may occur. The repair effective date shall be 6 months after all Termite feeding ends in the bait stations.
  2. CONTINUING PROTECTION Bug Busters, Inc. will extend service to the Purchaser for so long as Purchaser may own the property as long as the Purchaser continues with the monthly payment.
  3. MONITORING FEE PRICE PROTECTION: In order to maintain this Agreement and the Service, Customer shall pay a Monthly Monitoring Fee. The Monthly Monitoring Fee of the Agreement will be $25.00. Thereafter, for the Service period, Bug Busters, Inc shall have the right to increase the Monthly Monitoring Fee by an amount not to exceed the consumer price index or ten percent (10%), whichever is greater. If Bug Busters, Inc does not increase the Monthly Monitoring Fee in any one or more years, at any subsequent increase Bug Busters, Inc may cumulatively include any amount it would have been permitted to increase in that prior year or period of years.
  4.  SERVICE COMMITMENT During the term of this Plan, any further Bug Busters, Inc. Termite Baiting System treatment found necessary by Bug Busters, Inc. will be performed free of charge, however, if a fumigation or spot termiticide treatment is deemed by Bug Busters, Inc. to be necessary to control an aerial (above ground) infestation, Purchaser shall first agree to make access to such aerial infestation and to pay the additional charge involved. Bug Busters, Inc. will inspect the Structures annually or at any time upon the request of Purchaser.
  5. DAMAGE REPAIR COMMITMENT If this Plan provides protection against new subterranean termite damage to Structure(s) effective upon the control date, such effective date hereinafter called the “Repair Effective Date”. The Repair Effective Date does not denote colony elimination or control. If new damage occurs after the Repair Effective Date, Bug Busters, Inc. will, upon notification, inspect and arrange for the necessary repairs or replacement by a contractor of its choice and pay the entire cost of labor and materials as specified herein. New damage is defined as damage done by subterranean termites subsequent to the Repair Effective Date; the definition excludes damage existing on or before the Repair Effective Date. Unless live termites are found in the damaged areas by Bug Busters, Inc., the damage discovered is old damage and is not covered under this Plan. Repairs for new damage to structures (including but not limited to multi-unit residential apartments, town houses and condominiums) are limited in the aggregate to $250,000 during the term of this Plan.
    • Said damage occurs within the confines of the foundation walls of the structure, unless expressly identified, including, but not limited to: decks, components and supports, steps, stringer, hot tubs, cross tie walls and planters, lattice-work facades and retaining walls which are excluded from the Full Damage Repair Guarantee. Such areas outside the foundation walls and adjacent to the structure will be covered for retreatment only.
    Purchaser understands:
    • The Bug Busters, Inc. Baiting System involves installation, an initial period of inspecting, control with termite bait, and subsequent inspecting for continuous protection from new termite activity.
    • Intervals of from six to several months should be expected between: a) installation of the Bug Busters, Inc. Baiting System and sufficient termite activity to allow addition of termite bait; and b) addition of termite bait and control of the termite colony. Therefore, total time from initial installation to control is expected to be from 6 to 24 months, depending upon geographical location, weather and/or other factors.
    • Additional services such as spot applications of conventional termiticides are available for an additional fee to combat termite activity on a localized basis if desired but are not necessarily needed for termite control. Due to the nature of construction, the extent of existing termite damage, the degree of termite activity, application restrictions and/or Bug Busters, Inc. guidelines, such new agreement may not provide any damage repair commitment. In some circumstances the Bug Busters, Inc. Baiting System may not eliminate or control the termite colony. If after 24 months from commencement of the Bug Busters, Inc. Termite Baiting System, termite control has not been achieved, Bug Busters, Inc. may in its sole discretion propose treatment using conventional methods at no additional charge. In that case Purchaser may elect to continue with the Bug Busters, Inc. Baiting System (on the same terms and conditions) or the conventional treatment. If Purchaser chooses not to continue with the Bug Busters, Inc. Baiting System, this Agreement will terminate without further obligation of Bug Busters, Inc. If treatment using conventional methods of treatment is offered by Bug Busters, Inc. and elected by Purchaser then Purchaser must first execute a new written agreement in the form then in use by Bug Busters, Inc.
  • 1. Services Purchased:
    • a. Initial Treatment...............$99.00
  • 2. Monthly Renewal...............$25.00
Bug Buster, Inc. Representative: Rick Anglian
Approved by Branch Manager: Court Parker
Date: 06/06/24

MISCELLANEOUS In the event of additions or alterations to the Structures, Purchaser must give prior written notice and arrange with Bug Busters, Inc. for additional service at the expense of Purchaser. Such additions or alterations may also require an adjustment to the annual extension charge. Upon transfer of ownership of the identified property, service may be continued upon the request of the new owner and upon payment of the agreement transfer fee of fifty dollars. In addition, Bug Busters, Inc. reserves the right to revise the annual extension charge upon transfer of ownership. In the event the new owner fails to request continuation of this Plan or does not agree to pay the transfer fee or the revised annual extension charge, this Plan will terminate automatically as of the date of the change of ownership.
ANY ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS ATTACHED HERETO INCLUDING THE ARBITRATION AGREEMENT AND THE OTHER TERMS ON THE REVERSE SIDE AND THE INSPECTION GRAPH DATED , ARE PART OF THIS PLAN You, the buyer, may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction. See the attached notice of cancellation form for an explanation of this right. Electronic Communication Acknowledgement Statement in accordance with state regulations, pest control companies have a responsibility to provide you with a record every time a pesticide product and/or pest system is applied. This record is required to be provided to the property owner, resident, or custodian of the property. This record may include post-application precautionary information. Licensed and regulated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30334 (404) 656-3641. I understand and request that my pesticide use records be provided and available to me electronically Customer’s Initials. 



This agreement provides for re-treatment of a structure but does not provide for the repair of damages caused by wood destroying organisms.

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