School & Campus Pest Control Solutions – Teachers’ Assistants Should Have No More than Two Legs

Schools from pre-k to college are areas of high traffic, and some pesticide solutions just aren’t an option when there are large groups of people, especially sensitive students. Because of regulations barring the use of some treatments, our technicians will work with you to develop programs that bust bugs and protect students, teachers, and staff.

Effective pest control programs for schools must work for food services, highly trafficked areas, and storage facilities. On top of that, buildings are often filled with hard-to-reach and sometimes hidden spaces that provide pests with a virtual sanctuary to grow their colonies and attack the structures you run.

With an approach that relies on “elimination” through pesticides, and “prevention,” we’re sure we’ll find agreeable solutions to even your heaviest pest problems, while always keeping your students’ safety in mind.

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“Mike IS wonderful. He will come out multiple times in the same week if needed. My daughter got married last may, and we had the rehearsal dinner (for 50) at our house. Two weeks before the dinner, ants showed up in the kitchen. Mike kept coming out till they were all gone. He was a life saver.”Carolyn JenkinsAcworth, GA
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