Our Company Culture

Our company culture isn’t just about posters hung on office walls.

For us, our company culture is an extremely important part of our operation, and by extension, our success.

Our Mission Statement

Bug Busters, Inc. will continually strive for a commitment to excellence through a high regard for customer service and the growth and development of our employees. Both will be achieved through responsible management at all levels, continuing education, community involvement, and the use of the latest technology available in the pest control industry.

Our Company Values

The level of success of our company values are measured by the acceptance and initiation of these values by upper management followed by the acceptance of these values by management and adopting these values into everyday details of the work environment and gaining employee acceptance and belief in the company’s value system.

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Integrity is an important element of every business relationship. We will act responsibly, honestly, and fairly. Whether it is with our customers, community or employees, integrity ultimately leads to success.


We are committed to innovation through expanding the choices we offer our customers by using the latest technology available and secure practices for the pest control industry. We must constantly evaluate our direction and actions by identifying new areas of business and connecting thoroughly with new and existing customers and business ventures. Continuous improvement is critical in building a successful business.


Accountability for our commitments to our customers and employees will lead to improved results and quality. We will strive for individual accountability by taking responsibility for our own success and failures and recognize failure as an opportunity for personal growth and education.

Employee Development

Our success starts with recognizing the importance of our employees and their ongoing development as both individual and team players. Education, knowledge and training are all ongoing commitments we must make to our employees to motivate them in acquiring the skills needed to fulfill their job duties.

Commitment to Our Customers

Commitment to Our Customers is achieved by earning the customer’s trust and respect. This is accomplished by delivering solutions and providing excellent service and support through the quality of our work and our responsiveness to them when they have questions or concerns.

Commitment to The Community

Commitment to the Community is achieved through awareness of the community’s needs and active involvement with various community sponsorships. Learn more about our community involvement here.

Our Culture Fundamentals

Our fundamentals describe the values and behaviors that make our culture unique. They explain how we relate to each other, our clients, and community. It is who we are, it’s what sets us apart and makes us leaders in our field and ultimately what drives our success.

What are the Bug Busters Culture Fundamentals?

  • Clarity Creates Confidence, Confusion Causes Chaos
  • Create A Tone of Friendliness and Warmth
  • Be A Fanatic About Response Time
  • Assume Positive Intent
  • Go The Extra Mile
  • Honor the BBI Family
  • Deliver Legendary Customer Service
  • Get The Facts
  • Look Ahead and Anticipate
  • Share Information
  • Practice the “Human Touch”
  • Check The Ego at The Door
  • Find a Way
  • Honor Committments
  • Deliver Results
  • Communicate to be Understood
  • Keep Things Fun
  • Practice Blameless Problem-Solving
  • We Live in A Glass House
  • Follow-Up Everything
  • Do What’s Best for The Customer
  • Do It Well The First Time
  • Embrace Change
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