Trash Chute Sanitation Services

Commercial sanitation is a critical step in maintaining sanitary, pest-free spaces. This is especially true when it comes to places like trash chutes, compactors, and dumpster pads, which are breeding grounds for bacteria, foul odors, and often, pests. Our newest service line, Trash Chute Sanitation, serves to eliminate bacteria, grime, and organic material that can encourage pests like cockroaches and flies.

How Does It Work?

Our Trash Chute Sanitation service is executed floor-by-floor, using a three-pronged approach. This includes…

  1. Treatment with Bio-Cleaner and Deodorizer: Beginning at the top floor, the trash chute is treated with a bio-cleaner, which serves to eliminate odors and build-up of organic material.
  2. Steam Pressure Washing: We spray the chute with an industrial, heated pressure washer at up to 118° F to blast away stubborn build-up.
  3. Treatment with Water-Soluble Insecticide: Finally, we treat the opening of each chute with a water-soluble insecticide to further discourage the presence of insects like cockroaches and flies.

trash chute sanitization before and after

Service Programs

For sustained sanitation, we offer maintenance programs that include service on a quarterly basis. We also offer this service as a standalone Special Service as well. 

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Mike IS wonderful. He will come out multiple times in the same week if needed. My daughter got married last may, and we had the rehearsal dinner (for 50) at our house. Two weeks before the dinner, ants showed up in the kitchen. Mike kept coming out till they were all gone. He was a lifesaver.

– Kristopher Lemaster
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They always let me know when they were coming, always professional. If I ever seen a bug in house they came immediately and resprayed. One happened once in three years. Always polite, punctual and professional. Wouldn’t have any other bug company! I also love the fact I have the same person every time come out. So me or wife know them by name and it’s great all the way around.

– Brian Bennett
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The agent was very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. I would definitely use this company’s service again.

– Cameron Christian
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