Rat and Mouse Control Services

Rats and mice pose serious health threats and carry infectious diseases.

Their droppings and hair are also a source of allergens for some people. In addition to posing a health concern, they also cause physical damage.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

  • Gnaw marks – New gnawings or holes tend to be rough whereas old gnawings are smooth from wear and old holes are often greasy.
  • Droppings – Fresh droppings are soft and moist whereas old droppings are dried and hard; adult Norway rats’ droppings are about 3/4″ (18-20 mm) with blunt ends. Adult roof rats’ droppings are about 1/2″ (12-13 mm) with pointed ends.
  • Tracks/Footprints – Front feet have four toes. Front footprints come in front of (usually) longer hind footprints with five toes. Fresh tracks are clear and sharp whereas old tracks are at least partially obscured by dust.
  • Rub Marks – Fresh marks are soft, greasy, and easily smeared whereas old marks are dry and flaky. Rub marks exist because rodents continuously follow the same paths, usually along walls, stacked merchandise, etc.
  • Damaged Goods – Norway rats prefer meat, fish, and cereal (dry dog food is a favorite), whereas roof rats prefer fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

Bug Busters’ year-round rodent program includes a thorough inspection from a pest management professional, who is trained and equipped with the knowledge to eliminate your rodent issue.

Rat & Mouse Solutions from Bug Busters

  • Pest Prevention
  • Trapping
  • Repellents
  • Exclusion
  • Baiting
  • Professional Inspection

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