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Protecting homes and commercial properties from damage caused by termites, wildlife, and other common pests is the main focus of the pest control industry. Real estate agents who understand the importance of providing buyers with an additional layer of comfort and security, choose to work with Bug Busters.

 What We Offer

It is easy to miss the signs of an active termite infestation. Left untreated, wood-destroying insects can cause significant damage to residential and commercial properties. Real estate agents who partner with Bug Busters gain access to our team of pest control professionals, who are trained in the latest prevention and control techniques. In addition to conducting thorough property inspections, our team can recommend effective treatment options if signs of an infestation are present.

We also provide termite letters and other documentation that is required for closing.  Real estate agents who want to increase their knowledge of wood-destroying insects can attend one of our CEU classes – offered in conjunction with the Real Estate School of Georgia. 

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