We’re offering a special, limited-time offer for current customers who do not currently have Sentricon — our premier choice for termite protection. 

coupon style image that reads "upgrade to sentricon now for..." and "$599 install & $28/month" scratched out. Written underneath is "only $99 to install and $23/month!"

The Offer

Upgrade to Sentricon now for a one-time installation of ONLY $99 and $23 per month. And the best part? If you take advantage of this promotion, we’ll lock in your $23/mo rate for 2023. That’s a savings of $560 in the first year of service!

Why Sentricon?

  • More than 60 scientific studies back its effectiveness in eliminating termite colonies.
  • No need for trenching, and the product’s efficacy does not degrade over time like traditional liquid products.
  • The Sentricon system is trusted to protect nearly 5 MILLION structures across the country. 
  • It’s green. Sentricon is the only termite product on the market that has been awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

Ready to make the switch? 


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