The Culprit Behind the Zika Virus

February 1st, 2016

The Culprit Behind the Zika Virus

Spring is coming, and that means our good friends the mosquitos will be back in business full time. The Aedes mosquito is causing quite a stir this year, spreading all sorts of fun illnesses to innocent people. And now it has added a new one to its list. The Zika virus has spread rampantly throughout Central and South America in the past year, and officials see it coming to the U.S. next. While the virus is not spread from person to person, a person can be infected by a mosquito and then pass it on to another mosquito, who can pass it on to more humans. So far the only Americans that have caught the virus were people who traveled to infect areas, but the virus can be transmitted for up to two weeks after a person is first infected, meaning that person has plenty of time to bring it back to the U.S. even if they no longer show symptoms.

The main culprit behind the spread of the virus, the Aedes mosquito, is a rare beast among mosquitos. Unlike most mosquitos, these guys are voracious daytime hunters. They are particularly attracted to tropical climates and are resourceful at breeding in even the tiniest amount of water sitting around in pots, puddles, gutters, and anywhere else water collects. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from catching the Zika virus is to avoid getting bitten. Get rid of any standing water around your house, and always wear sunscreen during the day whether you’re inside or outside. These pests don’t discriminate.

Are you preparing for the oncoming mosquito season? What are you doing to protect yourself?

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  1. Ongedierte says:

    Mosquitoes!! It’s irritating and it is not only the problem with South America, same is the case with all around the world if I’m not wrong. And we need to come up with some good effective ways of getting rid of these dangerous mosquitoes.

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