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Some Insect Pests Contribute To The Growth Of Deadly Toxins Found In Crop-Mold

February 1st, 2019

Some Insect Pests Contribute To The Growth Of Deadly Toxins Found In Crop-Mold You were probably already aware of several different ways in which insect pests harm the agricultural industry as well as consumers. Now you can add another damaging aspect of crop pests to your memory. Recent research has revealed that insect pests can…

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Insects That Are Categorized As “Generalists” Are The Most Intelligent

January 28th, 2019

Insects That Are Categorized As “Generalists” Are The Most Intelligent There are many blog articles on the internet about insect intelligence. Many of these articles attempt to argue in favor of one group of insects as being the most intelligent of all insects. Many people are interested to know just how smart some bugs can…

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The Development Of Insects As Biological Weapons In America Remains Shrouded In Mystery To This Day

August 6th, 2018

Many other insect-related blogs have described how insects have been used as weapons of war throughout human history. The use of insects as weapons of warfare has been in practice for thousands of years, so it must be pretty effective. Given the high fatality rate that results just from mosquito bites alone, it may not…

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How And Why Do Grasshoppers Produce Chirping Sounds?

July 25th, 2018

There exists a variety of insects that are capable of producing sounds that are audible to human ears. Such insects include crickets, cicadas and grasshoppers. These noisy insects are common in just about every region of America, so everyone is familiar with their sounds. However, many people cannot accurately match the insect with the sounds…

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In Zimbabwe You Can Go To Jail For Not Reporting Certain Beetle Sightings To Authorities

February 2nd, 2018

In Zimbabwe You Can Go To Jail For Not Reporting Certain Beetle Sightings To Authorities If you think that legal penalties are generally harsh here in the United States, then you should feel grateful that you do not live in Zimbabwe. There are numerous ways that one can get arrested in America, but failure to…

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This Time Of Year Brings Out The Poisonous Caterpillars

February 22nd, 2017

It is that time of year again when people become excited about locating and photographing the strange looking wooly bear caterpillars. These caterpillars are popular among bug enthusiasts and average joes alike because, according to folklore, these fuzzy caterpillars can predict the future. So how does that work, you ask? Well, it probably does not,…

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Insect Bite Menaces Soccer Game

October 7th, 2016

When I think of an insect bite ruining someone’s afternoon outside playing soccer or some other sport, my mind tends to draw the conclusion that the terrible itch from the bites were probably driving the injured parties insane, making it difficult for them to concentrate on their task. Sports doping rules being violated is definitely…

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How To Prevent Insects From Invading Your Home

September 14th, 2016

Nobody likes seeing bugs in their home, but according to one entomologist, keeping bugs entirely out of people’s homes is an impossibility. According to Jeff Whitworth, an entomologist, people will always have to deal with bugs in their homes, but one way to reduce the number of bugs that we see in our homes is…

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Disney is Joining in the Fight Against the Zika Virus

September 7th, 2016

It looks like even Disney is going to do its part to fight the Zika virus now that it has entered U.S. soil. They started giving away free bottles of Cutter insect spray last week. However, those tiny little bottles must have been breaking the bank since they now just changed from giving out those…

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Mad Scientists Create Three-Eyed Cyclops Beetle

August 26th, 2016

Most people are familiar with the stereotype of the “mad scientist”. They tend to have crazy hair that sticks out in every direction, are known to laugh maniacally every so often, and are fond of creating monstrous abominations through genetic experimentation. Of course, most people also know that they died out with Joseph Mengele…or did…

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