Light Em’ Up

February 5th, 2016

Light Em’ Up

A new insect light trap is becoming a popular alternative to expensive pesticides among farmers. For years farmers have relied on pesticides to control insect infestations, unaware that insects can also be effectively controlled by using a special light to trap them. Many farmers have just started using the light traps, and have experienced unparalleled results. According to agricultural officials and researchers, one light trap was able to control most of the insects that might attack the farmers’ crops. This method is much cheaper than using pesticides and does not come with any environmental concerns. The trap works for both sexes of the insects, and can substantially reduce the carryover pest population. The light trap can also be used at all stages of crop growth, from the initial planting of the crops to their harvest. Using this method, farmers place the light trap at the center of the crop field between 6pm and 9pm for three hours. One farmer reported that his field was almost insect free after using the light trap.

Would you consider using light traps to control your insect population? How do you currently protect your crops from insects?

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