Zika Vaccine Not Coming Anytime Soon

February 17th, 2016

Zika Vaccine Not Coming Anytime Soon

Teams of scientists around the country have been working hard to develop a Zika vaccine in record time, but it looks like even record time is going to take a while. On Friday the World Health Organization stated that possible Zika vaccines won’t be available for large-scale clinical trials for at least 18 months. As this virus is spreading like wildfire right now, a vaccine coming in to save the day two years from now doesn’t seem all that helpful. By then it will probably have died off, having killed half the world’s newborn population. Sorry to sound so “doom and gloom,” but these efforts to try and calm the masses with a vaccine that is so far away from being available doesn’t make me feel one iota better about the current situation. It’s going to be too little too late, if you ask me. So, I wouldn’t put all my hopes on a vaccine saving us. What we need to do is stay the hell away from countries currently infected with the Zika virus, and stay home so some stupid traveler doesn’t end up spreading it to the mosquitos in the U.S. and cause an outbreak here. Let’s be smart people. You can delay your vacation to Brazil for some fun in the sun for the time being. It’s just not worth the risk, and it’s irresponsible and stupid. Do you really want to risk this virus coming to the U.S. just so you can stare at hot chicks in tiny bikinis? I really hope not.

Are you going to delay your travel to these infected areas? Do you know anyone who is still traveling despite the serious danger?

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