Zika Concerns Not Limited to Pregnant Women

February 22, 2016 | Posted In: Mosquito

Zika Concerns Not Limited to Pregnant Women

By this point, we have all heard the news that scientists believe that the Zika virus, when found in pregnant women, has a correlation to babies born with the neurological disorder microcephaly.

This has caused worldwide concern, particularly in Latin American countries, which have the most reported cases of the Zika virus and, seemingly, the highest populations of the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, which carries and transmits the virus.

According to reports, scientists are also on the verge of linking the Zika virus to Guillain Barre Syndrome, which causes paralysis. In short, there is evidence the Zika virus triggers a chain reaction, causing the immune system to attack nerves.

This is clearly cause for concern. The World Health Organization has warned that if there is in fact a link between the Zika virus and Guillain Barre syndrome the “consequences will be staggering.”

Are you staying up to date on news about Zika? Does this latest possible discovery have you concerned?

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