Tell-Tale Signs of Termites

March 4, 2016 | Posted In: General

Tell-Tale Signs of Termites

Termites are no laughing matter. Just ask anyone who has experienced a termite infestation. And if their testimonial isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this fact will: termites cause over $40 billion worth of damage worldwide per year!

With that said, all homeowners should be aware of the signs of termites. It could end up saving you thousands of dollars and huge amounts of stress.

There are five key signs of termites. They include: mud tubes on the exterior of the home, damaged wood that often contains sand or mud, blistering or bubbling of paint, piles of barrel shaped debris and piles of termite wings.

So, what do you do if you notice one of these key signs? Simple: call a professional pest management company that specializes in termite control right away. Remember—no home or business is safe from termites! Termites can find their way through any structure and once they make their way in, it will require advanced and innovative treatment methods to get them out.

Have you ever had an experience with termites? Are you prepared to look for signs of termites in your home or business?