Zika Virus Coming to the U.S. in Large #’s?

April 8th, 2016

Zika Virus Coming to the U.S. in Large #’s?

Over 300 local, state, and government officials, as well as health experts and non-government partners met at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently to discuss how the U.S. can prepare for the inevitable onslaught of the Zika virus. Dr. Edward McCabe, medical director of the March of Dimes, stated that we only have a few months to prepare and make sure the Zika virus does not gain a foothold in the U.S. Officials estimate that the virus will reach us by this summer. The time is coming, and at the moment we are not ready for it.

So, health officials across the country are rushing to get ready for the Zika virus. Officials are trying to increase awareness of the virus and educate citizens on what it is, the dangers it presents, and everything that has happened in other countries with it up till now. They are also improving their mosquito control efforts. This will likely mean we will start seeing workers go door to door spraying insecticides, and even asking to go on properties and spray. However, officials do believe that we already have an advantage due to the strong construction of our homes, our use of screens on windows and doors, and our use of air conditioning. All of these factors will reduce our exposure to mosquitos.

What do you think citizens and the government should do to prepare for the Zika virus?


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  1. Jordan says:

    Some very disturbing news. I think the most important step is to make the public aware of Zika virus, of the dangers it could present, and what to do to prevent it. Having that knowledge will hopefully keep lots of people protected before it fully makes it way here.

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