Spring Pests 101: Protection Against Biting Insects

April 12, 2016 | Posted In: General

Spring Pests 101: Protection Against Biting Insects

Spring has sprung! The weather is getting warmer, flowers are beginning to bloom…and those nasty pests that try to ruin your fun in the sun are out in droves. Well, it’s time to fight back. Take the offense against these enemies this year before they get the chance to marshal their troops.

Mosquitos are one of those pests that we’ve all come to know and dread. But, you don’t have to suffer their attacks this year. Protect yourself from these bloodsuckers. You can control the mosquito population around your home by eliminating all containers of standing water including unused flower pots, bird baths, and other containers that collect water. If you have areas where rainwater tends to collect in your yard, it might be a good idea to have your drainage system improved. If you have a pool or decorative pond, you can treat it with Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis. Wearing sunscreen is also a necessary step in keeping these pests from biting you.

If you also must contend with yellow flies, get rid of any standing water around your house. Unfortunately, insect repellent doesn’t work on these guys, so you’re stuck with wearing long sleeves and pants.  I would also recommend wearing protective headwear, as these guys are particularly fond of attacking your face, head, and neck.

Do you have biting insects ruining your fun in the sun? How do you deal with them?