The Zika Virus Enters the Presidential Campaign

May 2, 2016 | Posted In: Mosquito

The Zika Virus Enters the Presidential Campaign

The worry over the possible spread of the Zika virus to the United States this summer has now crossed over into the sphere of the presidential campaigns. Hillary Clinton responded to a question about the Zika virus on the question and answer website Quora recently. She referred to the Zika virus as a “serious and urgent threat,” and commented, “To put it simply, there’s a lot we need to do—and fast. We don’t yet know everything about this disease, but what we’re learning is alarming.”

The number of cases in the United States and its territories has increased to over 900 people. Officials also just reported the first death from the Zika virus in Puerto Rico. It’s kind of nice to see one of our possible future leaders addressing this issue. Clinton responded that public education about the virus needs to increase, and that the country needs to invest more money into developing better treatment and a vaccine. She also recognized the need for better mosquito control and eradication, as well as making health and family planning services more accessible to all U.S. citizens.

Congress still hasn’t approved Obama’s request for 1.9 billion dollars for Zika emergency funding, which Clinton also remarked upon. She said, “We need to do everything we can to fight Zika—but we can’t do that without adequate resources,” she wrote. “Congress should immediately provide emergency funding for Zika testing and treatment, mosquito control, family planning, and to support maternal and infant health.” Give the lady a hand!

Is our government doing enough to help the country prepare for the Zika virus entering the U.S.? Do you think we will be prepared?