An Insect That Can Run Itself Blind

May 4, 2016 | Posted In: General

An Insect That Can Run Itself Blind

It is very good for us that we do not serve as prey for the Tiger Beetle.  The Tiger Beatle is a very impressive insect most of all because it is the fastest insect there is, clocking in at well over 450 miles per hour, and likely much more.  As you can imagine, running that fast can be reckless no matter what type of animal.

The Tiger Beetle is at a bit of a disadvantage because it can reach speeds that are so extraordinarily high that the beetle will begin to lose vision as it is moving too fast to process photons.  Therefore, the Tiger Beetle is temporarily blind when running at such high speeds.

However, The Tiger Beetle has a useful tool at its disposal, and that would be its incredible antennas, which can sense motion.  In fact, and despite the temporary blindness that results in losing site of predators, the Tiger Beetles antennas are so sharp that scientist have set up intricate obstacle courses for these beetles to navigate, only to see them dodge every obstacle in their way.

Maybe it’s just me, but this reminds me an awful lot of The Flash. Yet another example of insects possessing the superhuman powers that we clearly deserve…that’s just wrong.

Have you ever witnessed an insect with super powers usually reserved for comic book characters?