The Weta Bug–Harmless but Huge

May 10, 2016 | Posted In: General

The Weta Bug–Harmless but Huge

The Giant Weta is an aptly named insect from the Cricket Family that lives only in New Zealand, which is good because they are terrifyingly huge.  In fact The Giant Weta can grow as big as a Gerbal.

The Giant Weta can grow as long as ten centimeters and weigh as much as ten grams.  Another Species of Giant Weta is the Little Barrier Giant Weta, also called the Wetapunga.  Now these guys are absolute monsters as they can grow to weight 71 grams, which is even bigger than a sparrow.

Although the Giant Weta is harmless to humans they are certainly not harmless to other animals.  When male Giant Weta’s compete for mates they will use their enorumous pinchers to not just kill their rivals but to dismember them as well, apparently female Weta’s are impressed with such horrid demonstrations of violence.  So when I male Weta wins a mate, they sure go the extra mile to make their victory clear.

However, Giant Wetas cannot fly.  Their flightlessness is due to the fact that there are no territorial mammals on the remote island of New Zealand in which they have to escape through flight.  So not only are they the biggest insects, but they also get to chill on a beautiful island with no fear of predators.

What would you do if you came across a Giant Weta?