Bugs Can Get Into Your Home Easier Than You Think

May 12th, 2016

Bugs Can Get Into Your Home Easier Than You Think

During the summer months it is common to see insects crawling around your home.  Many insects are out and about exploring different territories to find shelter and it can be off-putting when your home becomes a venomous insects target.

The southwestern United States is of particular concern during the summer months when potentially dangerous insects such as Scorpions, Black Widows, which are venomous can squeeze into your home through the smallest spaces for cooler shelter.

If a credit card can fit in between a small crevice, such as around your door, then a roach or Scorpion can as well.  One desert resident uses Diatomaceous Earth, which is a powder solution, used to ward off insects from opening around his home.

Scorpions and Black Widows may not be dangerous to adults, but to children and the elderly their venom can be fatal.  So make sure your homes are tightly secured.

What do you think of this pest control method? What do you do to ward off insects around your home?

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