You Would Not Believe How Crazy Insect Sex Can Be

May 19, 2016 | Posted In: Bug Busters | Posted In: General | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

I would hate to see an insect version of the Kama Sutra since nearly all insects mate in seemingly torturous and overall unpleasant ways.  It would be reassuring to find at least one insect penis that does not look and act like a torture device, and why do all those female insects have to kill their man after the deed is done?  They may not have sex solely for the pleasure, but that does not mean that animals that don’t have sex solely for pleasure do not enjoy the act of sex, but it is hard to imagine sex as a satisfying activity in the insect world.

For example, let’s take the male Bean Beetles.  These Beetles have penises with spikes on them, much to the discomfort of their female counterparts.  So what purpose do these spikes serve?  Well recently scientists have discovered the likely answer, but I will tell you now that it is not pleasant.  Apparently the beetle’s spiked penis serves to lacerate and puncture the inside of the female beetle’s vaginal canal.  And no, the females do not prefer this method as researchers noticed that the females were often injured permanently afterwards.  The punctures in the female beetles vaginal canal serve to allow the male’s sperm to flow in and fill up her entire body cavity and the sperm even enters the bloodstream.  It goes without saying that these bugs must have vastly different anatomies than us.

Can you think of any bizarre ways humans have sex? Are any of them similar to this?